support others while having fun

Charity event


What´s even better than having an amazing evening with lots of fun? Doing so while helping those that were not able to live a happy and peaceful life. Therefore we decided to donate every cent in excess of our expenditures to the New Life Center´s important cause of helping the victims of domestic violence by literally enabling them to start new lifes.


All of the planning and executive staff involved in the Oktoberfest are therefore working on a voluntary basis while only outsourcing the neccesary support services.


Do you want to know more? For further information about the New Life Center and how to donate just click the picture below or click on

New Life Center


provides a temporary safe haven for families fleeing domestic violence. Their comprehensive 120-day program empowers families to craft independent lives. In addition to safety, the Center provides necessary living needs - food, clothing and bedding - since most residents enter with no belongings. Advocates assist families in working towards achieving both short- and long-term goals and support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Advocates offer individual and group interventions to address the many needs of residents. Individual sessions allow each woman to work through the unique circumstances in her life and group sessions focus on the common experiences of surviving domestic violence.